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Dr. Sklare has drilled to the core of the problem regarding weight loss…motivation. The Inner Diet addresses the emotional and mental aspects of weight control like no other program I have encountered. Diet and exercise all you want, but if you don't conquer the emotional aspect of eating, you will have a hard time maintaining any program. The Inner Diet is a scientifically sound, effective, simple, sustainable plan to compliment any effort for weight loss. I would go as far to say it is an essential part of any weight control program. Similar information would cost you double or triple over what Dr.Sklare is offering. I am sending all my patients interested in weight control to www.innerdiet.com to jump start their quest for total health.

- Ron Eaker, M.D. FACOG, member of The American Society of Bariatric Physicians, author of "Fat Proof Your Family".

"The Inner Diet" is an extremely useful tool in our busy bariatric surgery clinic. Patients are here for the physical procedures our surgeons perform. "The Inner Diet" helps them confront the necessary emotional part of this journey and offers them useful techniques to work through these issues.

- Patricia Gregory, Bariatric Dietitian

The Inner Diet Assessment had been an integral part of Slender For Life™ for many years. It has proven to be a valuable tool for our therapists and based on the feedback from clients, it is an important component in their weight release journey. Throughout the months of working with a client, I frequently refer to their Inner Diet Assessment score to ensure that each session is focused on their needs. I highly recommend the Inner Diet Assessment and have it listed as a resource in my book, Becoming Slender For Life.

- Roger Moore, PhD

Dear Dr. Sklare:
I just wanted to let you know how much The Inner Diet has added to our medical weight loss practice since we began using it. We have an extremely busy practice; sometimes seeing over 70 patients per day. Due to time restraints, it is often difficult to address the key issues that are a necessary component for permanent weight loss. We have started weekly classes using The Inner Diet principles and our patients are thrilled. Prior to using The Inner Diet we would get only 2 or 3 people in our groups every week. Now, our groups are filled! The Inner Diet is now a mandatory component of our program. The results speak for themselves.
Thank you, Dr Sklare.

- Andrew J. Rodican, PA-C, Associate Medical Director

Dear Dr. Sklare,
I have used your Inner Diet Profile with my clients for years and have found it to be quite helpful. I insist on it as a minimal baseline behavioral evaluation in all my clients. We find it very helpful in our behavior modification groups to discuss and even demonstrate some of the exercises. Our behavior specialist works with the results regularly when she needs to meet individually with clients. It has become an integral part of our program and I would highly recommend it to anyone serious about the behavioral aspects of weight loss.

- Milan Schmidt, MD, AAFP ABBM

I got my Inner Diet packet by email the other day, and BOY, is that analysis ACCURATE for me…I feel like they have been hiding in my closet watching me!!! I haven't started the activity book just yet, but will do so this week…it looks like it will be the missing piece I've been searching for to make sure that this is the LAST time that I lose this weight!!!

- Laura W.

Dr. S. I visited your site, answered the questions and ordered your material. It hit the nail of the head. How could I have been so blind to my Secondary Gain. Self denial and self delusion are truly powerful things! I've been working away at it for over a week now and I know I have far to go, but I feel like a new person!! THANKS & GOD BLESS!!!!!!

- Phyllis L.

Dear Dr. Sklare, I want to thank you for the Inner Diet. I have found success with the exercises in the area where I have been having trouble. I have recommitted myself to my food plan, exercising and the meditations (I actually recorded them in my own voice). It is an awesome program and in the first week I have lost weight! I am really excited about this. Thanks again.

- Vanessa M.

The Inner Diet not only showed me why I failed in the past but taught me finally how to succeed!

- Lenora C.

I've tried a lot of diet plans. The Inner Diet is great! It's the first one that gave me the focus I needed to motivate myself and finally manage my weight.

- Jackie Z.

The Inner Diet is absolutely fantastic. I wouldn't think of running my weight loss program without it.

- Andrea D., Hospital Education Coordinator

I found the Inner Diet to be a very valuable tool in my weight loss journey. It not only helped me identify the areas of my life that I need to strengthen to stay committed to a healthy eating plan, but it also has exercises to develop that strength. I have become very successful in loosing weight as I use this program on a consistent basis as the exercises suggest. As one who has struggled for years with my weight and been involved with different programs, I have to say the Inner Diet is the one that truly made a difference for me. It is as if I suddenly became alive.

- Vanessa Mc.

The Inner Diet has become an indispensable tool in my practice by helping my patients not only become aware of how their emotions and mindset affect their habits and behaviors around food, but more importantly by giving them a set of highly researched and effective tools to actually change the way they think and act leading to great results that are sustainable. I highly recommend the Inner Diet program to anyone struggling to lose weight and to the health care providers who treat them.

- Rich Stagliano, MD