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The Inner Diet Personal Assessment System:

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Personal Assessment System

According to published reports, up to 99% of all people fail at weight control. The reason for this incredible failure rate is the lack of focus and attention given to the underlying thoughts and behaviors that trigger, motivate and sustain overeating. In order to successfully manage your weight, you must address more than just your weight. You must also address those underlying issues that trigger overeating. The importance of these underlying issues, in the management of weight and obesity, has been noted for years. The problem, however, has been in finding a program that will identify and treat these issues. The Inner Diet Personal Assessment System is a safe and effective way to do exactly that. The Inner Diet will identify what issues are interfering with your ability to control your eating and provide you with action plans and solutions that address those issues. The Inner Diet is a personalized, non-technical, user friendly assessment and treatment program that addresses emotional eating. It is comprised of three parts: The Inner Diet Questionnaire, The Inner Diet Personal Profile and The Inner Diet Activity Book. We like to think of it as a check-up from the neck-up.

The Inner Diet Questionnaire

First of all, let me tell you that The Inner Diet Questionnaire is a statistically valid and reliable assessment. This is a very important point. This means that it has undergone scientific tests that support its findings. An example of a valid and reliable instrument is a tape measure. It measures what it says it measures (inches) and it does it consistently every time you use it. The 40 questions on The Inner Diet Questionnaire focus on your attitudes, feelings and thoughts about a variety of topics related to weight control, appearance and overeating. There are no right or wrong answers, only a personal and honest assessment of your feelings and opinions. Your responses to the questionnaire will identify how you score on the six Inner Diet issues. The theory is quite simple. Before you can solve a problem, you must first become aware that you have a problem. This questionnaire provides that first critical step. Many people tell me that simply going through the process of taking this questionnaire made them much more conscientious about what and why they eat.

The Inner Diet Personal Profile

The Inner Diet Personal Profile, which is available to you immediately online, is what makes this program so unique and meaningful. Depending on how you answer the questionnaire, you will receive different information in your profile. That's why we call it a "personalized" profile. This is not a "one size fits all" program. Your profile results are truly a reflection of your specific personality. Each personalized profile varies in length from between 8 to 15 pages depending on how you answer the questions. Your personalized profile contains an explanation of each of the six issues, your scores on each of the six issues as well as an explanation of what your specific scores mean. This profile is unique to your personality and will provide you with the awareness, the understanding and the direction that you need to address and finally eliminate those underlying issues that trigger and motivate you to overeat and make poor nutritional choices. People are always impressed with how accurate their results are and enjoy seeing how they score on the issues. The Inner Diet Personal Profile is proof that learning and growing can be fun!

The Inner Diet Activity Book

The 32 page Inner Diet Activity Book, which is also available to you immediately online, was designed to provide you with the insight, guidance and understanding you need to make better decisions about the food you eat. It will make you a more mindful eater by focusing your attention on those underlying thoughts and beliefs that trigger, motivate and sustain poor eating decisions. As that old saying so accurately states, "If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got". I designed this program to help you stop doing what you've always done. The Activity Book is divided into six sections. Each section is designed to address the six issues identified in your Inner Diet Personal Profile. The Activity Book will help you to understand and address those repetitive, self-defeating, thoughts and behaviors that are at the very heart of poor eating decisions. The Inner Diet Personal Profile and Activity Book will provide you with a self-help, home study program designed to enhance you current weight loss program.

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